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Crystal Glasses

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    Bohemia Maxima Flutes Set/6 220ml - ZOES Kitchen
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The best choice in crystal glass is now crystal clear

When you are looking for something that’s really worth celebrating then look no further than the wonder of the best of crystal glass. It’s no surprise that crystal has been a favourite for centuries. This finely crafted glassware gives an impeccable charm and character to any occasion.

Once only the domain of the elite, you can now enjoy the enchantment of this highly prized creation. The delights of having your very own premium crystal glasses is something to savour and there is no better choice than a set of stunning Bohemia Maxima flutes

Crystal glass in a class of its own

The rich history of Bohemia crystal glass dates back to the 14th Century and it is this same exquisite quality glassware that captures that enduring elegance, sophistication and beauty. That same trademark of the most highly esteemed glassware is now available to you. 

Make those special moments in your life even more memorable by raising a glass of distinction with this 6 piece set of Bohemia Maxima flutes. You get the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship with the best of modern design that creates the perfect mood and atmosphere for any celebration. 

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