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Decorative plates – proudly delivered Australia-wide

When it comes to plating up your hard (and delicious) work, appearances make all the difference. Attention to detail extends far beyond the behind-the-scenes creation of passionately crafted cooking, and into every part of the social act of enjoying food.

The sight of a mouthwatering recipe laid onto decorative plates only enhances the experience, and we’re committed to helping you fulfill these finer details. With a range of stunning decorative plates forming part of our wide collection, you can pick and choose the perfect colour schemes and patterns for your purposes.

Maxwell & Williams plates are the perfect kitchen companion

As a well-established brand, Maxwell & Williams has a big place in our hearts, so we happily provide their hallmark cookware and dinner plates to happy households all across Australia. Envisioned for all kinds of occasions, these modern designs make for excellent, versatile assets to your kitchenware collection and are a pure pleasure to adorn.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just like to dine in style, these stunning designs feature large sizes and sturdy craftsmanship that lasts generations. Lay out your lovingly crafted creations on our range of the most beautiful decorative plates in Australia – all at Zoe’s Kitchen.

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