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Whip up something extraordinary with our kitchen mixers

There’s something about a shiny, new kitchen appliance that makes you want to jump in and start creating unique culinary dishes. And our gorgeous range of kitchen aid stand mixers are no exception.

We know you don’t have time for complex machines, so we keep our products simple and easy to use. It comes with the attachments you need most, such as a flat beater, flex edge beater, dough hook and wire whisk. And you can buy more attachments separately if you find you need them.

Discover easy-to-use stand and benchtop mixers

All our options in this range include easy-tilt head access, so you can work uninterrupted on your cooking task.

These machines are surprisingly light but also very sturdy – you can confidently make your favourite pizza dough without worrying about breaking your appliance. It’s up to the task.

And, unlike a lot of fancy kitchen appliances, our designs don’t take up much-needed space on your counter. It will easily tuck into a corner until you’re ready to use it.

But don’t hide it away in a cupboard – our products are far too pretty for that! They come in a wide range of attractive colours to complement any kitchen décor, including red, pink, rose, black, linen and even ‘lavender cream’.

Whether you’re a culinary whizz or new to cooking, your kitchen stand mixer will quickly become your most-used kitchen item. You don’t have just to bake – use your appliance to create crowd-pleasing guacamole, creamy mayonnaise or succulent pulled pork or chicken! The possibilities are endless.

Browse through all our options to find your favourite. We also have a great range of mixing bowls and accessories available to complete the set.

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