Frank Green Drink Bottles


Your Frank Green water bottle helps you stay hydrated and lets you do your bit for the planet in style.

We all know how important it is to live sustainably and reduce the mountains of plastic waste littering the planet.

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It might seem hard to keep up the fight, but it’s easier than ever when you make the right choices. That’s where a Frank Green drink bottle comes in. Play your part in curbing global warming by choosing from the innovative range of airtight insulated bottles that keep your water nicely chilled even if you leave it out in the searing Australian sun.

Frank Green bottles are the best way to avoid those throwaway plastic bottles of the past and do something for the future of the planet. These cleverly designed drink bottles are tough enough to take the daily rough and tumble while adding an eye-catching element to your daily routine.

The Frank Green Way

Frank Green was built on a simple and honest approach to being sustainable. The whole idea is to empower people to make simple, sustainable choices in their everyday lives. Together we can move toward a better, greener future.

Reusable water bottles are better for the environment and your wallet. You can save the planet and save money by avoiding the constant cost of those harmful plastic disposable bottles.

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Why a Frank Green water bottle is a top choice

Frank Green bottles are more than just a great way to drink. You can be sure you’re getting the latest in innovative design qualities made with high-quality materials. The special features include the trademark triple-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel. Say goodbye to the hassles of leaks and spills. Say hello to BPA-free and non-toxic materials that are longer lasting.

Cleaning and maintaining your new Frank Green drink bottle is made simple too. You have a stainless steel bottle that’s naturally resistant to germs and other nasties. We recommend giving your bottle (and screw top or reusable straw) a good clean after each use. The straw just needs a quick rinse to keep it at its best. Your bottle and straw will need a more thorough cleaning if you have been enjoying a smoothie or soft drink. That just means the straw gets a good scrub with a straw brush and there’s a good swish in some soapy water for the bottle and they’ll be ready for your next outing.


Sometimes it’s just not handy having to unscrew a lid. With an easy-access reusable straw, you can sip as you go, everywhere you go. It’s the perfect partner for workouts, outdoor adventures, and everyday use. You can easily remove the reusable straw lid when you want to. That’s the best convenience and choice for you.

It all comes down to better hydration. And there’s less chance of staining your teeth, especially with tea and coffee drinking, but best of all…there are no spills!

The great thing about a bottle from Frank Green is that the triple insulation design means your drink stays colder for longer and your coffee or tea is still just as warm hours after you first poured it in.

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