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Carl Schmidt

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  • Berghoff Felt Pan Protector Set Of 3 - ZOES Kitchen
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    Elstra Vacuum Bottle Stainless Steel 750ml - ZOES Kitchen
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    Modena Multi Purpose Kitchen Scissors 21cm - ZOES Kitchen
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Quality means everything in the top fry pans and accessories

Having the right kitchen equipment makes all the difference to the meal you serve or the drink you enjoy. This includes everything from the quality of fry pans, forged woks, cutting boards, vacuum bottles and kitchen scissors

With a premium product like the best in easy to clean fry pans from the Marburg range, you get fast and even heat distribution that allows you take your cooking skills to a whole new level. It’s all made easy with the top range of food preparation devices and accessories at your disposal.

Get the magic of premium kitchen products at great prices

Your time in the kitchen can be a simple joy when you have the perfect pair of multi-purpose kitchen scissors at hand. These make cutting meat or vegetables into the ideal pieces, as well as fruits, herbs and even noodles or cracking nuts a breeze.

The ergonomic qualities of a clever design combined with durability means you can use any of these Carl Schmidt made products for extended periods and for years to come. There’s never been a better time to outfit your kitchen with the best choice in fry pans with an easy to clean cutting board and other kitchen utensils

The premium selection includes the Elstra stainless steel vacuum bottle that is compact and convenient enough to fit comfortably in the cup holder in your car, bottle holder of your bike or wherever you go when you’re out and about. 

We are proud to offer a wonderful range of kitchenware, drinkware, cookware and homewares to make life all the more enjoyable. Shop the highest quality products at fabulous prices online now at Zoes Kitchen & Living.