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Avanti Bake - Calyx Fondant Plung Cut Set 3pce - ZOES Kitchen

Avanti Bake - Calyx Fondant Plung Cut Set 3pce

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The Avanti® Calyx Fondant Plunger Cutter set is the perfect tool for creating calyx shaped decorations for cakes, cupcakes and desserts. Suitable for use with rolled fondants, royal icing, gum paste, marzipan and non-edible craft clays. Each cutter features a spring mechanism which helps cut, emboss and release the icing to form a perfect calyx with a delicate pattern. The result is elegant and tasty decorations for your cakes and favourite desserts. The set comprises 3 Calyx Plunger Cutters in sizes 47mm, 55mm and 60mm

Roll out fondant or gum paste on a non-stick surface or sprinkle corn flour/icing sugar on surface and fondant to prevent sticking.
Cut out the calyx shape without pressing the plunger.
Using the plunger, press design onto a flat surface to produce detail.
Lift the plunger from the surface and press to release the Calyx
Eject Calyx on to a soft foam sponge to dry or use immediately on the cake.