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Avanti Compact Kitchen Scale - White Marble - ZOES Kitchen

Avanti Compact Kitchen Scale - White Marble

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Measuring ingredients has never been easier than with the Avanti® Compact Digital Kitchen Scale. With a minimalist, slim design with touch sensitive buttons, this universal handy scale measures weight and liquids to meet all your home baking and cooking needs. Versatile and functional, you can weigh directly on the tempered glass platform or weigh with your own bowl or container. With a maximum load of 5kg/11lb it measures in increments of 1g/0.1oz with the full confidence of digital accuracy. The unit of measure can be easily switched to either grams or ounces. A convenient ‘add and weigh’ tare function also allows multiple ingredients to be measured in the same bowl during recipe preparation. These practical scales feature an easy-to-read LCD display and come with a 'negative' mode, which lets you place any type of bowl on the scales and start from zero. Equipped with an overload indicator which alerts you when the maximum weight has been exceeded, a low battery indicator and an automatic shut off power saving function

Maximum 5kg/11lb weight capacity
Weight graduates in 1g/0.1oz increments
High precision strain gauge sensor system
Easy to read LCD digital display
Digital readout in either grams or ounces
Tempered glass platform - hygienic and easy to clean
Tare "add-and-weigh" function to weigh different loads consecutively
Measures milk and water volume in ml or fl.oz
Touch sensitive buttons
Non-slip feet for stable weighing
Low battery and overload indication
Auto shut-off power saving function
Compact, low profile design for easy storage