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Avanti Orange Squeezer 90mm - ZOES Kitchen

Avanti Orange Squeezer 90mm

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Much time, energy and thought has gone into the squeezing of citrus.

And it’s all come to this – the sturdy, practical, ingenious Avanti Squeezers.

The simple design is the key to this clever contraption. You simply place your citrus half face-down in the squeezer bowl, then fold the squeezer handles together and press down to extract the juice! Watch as your citrus half turns inside out!

The durable construction will get the very last drop of juice from your lemons, limes and oranges, while they pass through a perforated section leaving behind pips and pulp!

Perfect juice with just a squeeze –thanks to Avanti.

Orange Squeezer features:
Made from die-cast aluminium with a hard baked enamel finish.
Turns your citrus halves inside out to get every last drop of juice!
Clever design results in pip-free, pulp-free juice.
Dishwasher safe.

Colour: Orange.
Diameter: 9cm.
Length: 23cm.