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Composta Wormfarm & Garden in 1 one - White 530mm

Composta Wormfarm & Garden in 1 one - White 530mm

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What an amazing step you are about to take, together with your Composta you will;

*Say "Hello" to healthy homegrown organic Herbs/Plants that are jam packed full of dietry nutrients,"That has to be good for you"
*Start producing your own supply of clean organic liquid fertilizer that can be used on other plants even the lawn. (Approx 9 litres per week)
*Say "Goodbye" to a stinky kitchen bench bin.

Included: 1 New Composta pot, composting centre canister, 3 legs, full instruction sheet.

Setting up: All you need to complete your Kit is one 25ltr bag of potting mix, small bag of worms (not included) and whatever Herbs/plants you would like to grow, you can start with seed,or seedlings.

Each Composta is made of food grade, Bpa Free, UV resistant Polypropylene, Made in Brisbane for Aussie conditions.