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Cream Charge Bulbs - Blue - ZOES Kitchen

Cream Charge Bulbs - Blue

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Whipping up to 0.5 litre of fresh cream per bulb, these cream chargers contain the purest and cleanest Nitrous Oxide available. Decorating cakes, desserts or filling a bowl with snowy white whip to serve with freshly baked scones and jam, you will never be without a seductive scoop of fluffy cream. The chargers are non-refillable and made from recyclable steel.

Construction Nitrogen oxide (gas filling), deep drawing steel (charger and cap),food-grade rubber (seal), and zinc-plated coating (surface protection)
Dimensions 6.5cm x 1.8cm
Capacity One charger can whip up to 500ml of liquid whipping cream
Weight 7.5g (gas weight) and 28g (charger weight)
Care Store in a cool, dry place and never open bulbs by force, do not store in direct sunlight or near heat sourcesKeep out of reach of children minimum durability date is limited to 5 years after the packaging dateto avoid quality or hygienic problems