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Cuisena Measuring Cups Set 4
Cuisena Measuring Cups Set 4 - ZOES Kitchen

Cuisena Measuring Cups Set 4

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This lovely, colourful set of high-quality melamine measuring cups will have your measuring tasks taken care of, whether you're whipping up treats in the kitchen or cooking a simple meal. The pouring lip ensures
accurate pouring of ingredients from the cups, minimising the risk of spillage, so your ingredients find their way into your delicious treats. The cups are held together with a ring which is easily removable during use or cleaning if desired.

- 1x 1/4 measuring cup
- 1x 1/3 measuring cup
- 1x 1/2 measuring cup
- 1x 1 measuring cup

Key Features:
- Different colour cups to make them easy to locate
- Pouring lip on each cup