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Global Minosharp Ceramic Water Sharpener 2 Wheel - ZOES Kitchen

Global Minosharp Ceramic Water Sharpener 2 Wheel

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Recommended for sharpening GLOBAL knives, the MinoSharp 2 stage ceramic sharpener will maintain a razor-sharp edge on your knives. Incorporating two sharpening stages (course & fine) each wheel is set to a 15-degree angle, allowing you to quickly and easily re-sharpen the cutting edge with minimal effort. To operate, simply fill the wheel compartment with water to ensure the ceramic wheels remain clean and do not overheat during the sharpening process. Holding the knife with your forefinger on the knife, place the blade vertically into the selected stage and move the knife back and forth with slight pressure 7 or 8 times.

This safe and simple to use sharpener will ensure your valuable knives remain extremely sharp and ready for anything in the kitchen. Although designed for GLOBAL knives, this sharpener can be used for any knife brand with a 15-degree angle, which is a common angle for Japanese knives. Replacement wheels are available to purchase separately as the ceramic wheels will wear out after time ? their life expectancy will vary according to frequency of use.

2 Stage Sharpener - Includes Course and Fine Ceramic Wheels.
Easy and safe to use, restores blades with ease.
Ergonomic handle for comfort and safety.
Designed to sharpen knives with a 15 degree cutting angle.
Replacement ceramic wheels available.
Rubber base for secure grip.
Hand wash only.