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Leaf + Bean Electric Milk Frother & Warmer - ZOES Kitchen

Leaf + Bean Electric Milk Frother & Warmer

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No longer are your cappuccinos or lattes' restricted to the café! Easily create gorgeous rich milk froth at home using Leaf & Bean's multifunctional Electric Milk Frother.
Operation is a breeze simply select either the frothing or heating whisk and pour your desired milk into the jug.
Pressing the top button can froth and heat the milk simultaneously, or you can elect to just heat the milk without frothing.
Pressing the bottom button will just froth the milk without heating, perfect for milkshakes or iced coffees.
The handy indicator light will illuminate during operation and flash after one minute to indicate completion.
Pour or scoop out the foam onto the top of your coffee.
Serve and enjoy your perfectly topped drink from the comfort of your own kitchen! 1 year warranty.
Could you imagine a life without coffee or tea? We can't! That's why Leaf & Bean is dedicated to crafting the ultimate hot drink.
The extensive range features everything coffee and tea lovers could desire.
Brew your tea and coffee to perfection with Leaf & Bean.