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Master Pro Electric Dutch Oven 5.5L - ZOES Kitchen

Master Pro Electric Dutch Oven 5.5L

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MasterPro is a superior quality kitchenware brand that equips the home chef with tools to cook like an expert.
The Electric Dutch Oven has 10-preprogrammed functions, including Slow Cook, Sauté, Braise, Steam, Egg, Soup, Bake, Rice, Cake and Yoghurt.
Get creative and expand your culinary palette! Crafted from stainless steel with a blue removable cast iron pot, it’s both stylish and durable.
With easy-to-use LED control panels, it automatically keeps meals warm and can delay cooking time by up to 24 hours.
It features a Dutch oven that allows exact temperature and time control, advantages you simply cannot get from cooking on a stovetop.
It also includes a removable enamel cast iron pot that is gas stovetop, gas oven or electric oven safe.
This allows the same benefits as a traditional Dutch oven while looking beautiful on your kitchen bench.
6L capacity.
The heavy duty enamel cast iron pot is dishwasher safe.
Wipe the unit clean – do not immerse in water.
Enrich your kitchen with this stylish Electric Dutch Oven from MasterPro.