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Oxo Gg Silicone Grilling Tool Rest - ZOES Kitchen

Oxo Gg Silicone Grilling Tool Rest

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A convenient place to rest your grilling tools

The OXO Good Grips Silicone Grilling Tool Rest is the ultimate sidekick for any grill master who’s ever struggled to find a place to rest a spatula between burger flips. It’s made of heat-resistant silicone (so it can stand up to tools that have just been over hot flames) and it’s non-stick (so it’ll be easy to clean at the end of the night). The built-in tong holder is specially designed for one-handed tong use, meaning you don’t have to lock and unlock the tongs mid-grilling. Dishwasher safe.

Made of heat-resistant, non-stick silicone that’s durable and easy to clean
Keeps grill side tables clean and protects surfaces from scratching
Features special prongs designed to hold unlocked tongs for one-handed use
Holds up to two of your biggest tools at once