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Rogue Wattle Mix milk Bottle 34cm Yel - ZOES Kitchen

Rogue Wattle Mix milk Bottle 34cm Yel

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When it comes to decorating with greenery, Australiana’s artificial floral arrangements are a highly sought-after option.
This Wattle Mix-Milk Bottle is so lifelike, you won’t believe it’s faux! With remarkable attention to detail, it displays beautiful yellow wattle blossoms, luscious leaves and realistic branches.
Botanically accurate, it makes a brilliant focal point in any given room around the home.
It comes in a stylish glass bottle with an elongated body – it even has faux water detailing to make it look as real as possible.
This floral arrangement is designed and handcrafted in Melbourne, using quality materials that were sourced internationally.
Being artificial, it’s very easy to care for.
Gently wipe with an alcohol-free, unscented baby wipe.
Keep out of direct sunlight.
Designed and handcrafted in Melbourne.
Refresh your space with this beautiful Wattle Mix-Milk Bottle from Australiana.

More Information

COLOR: Yellow/Glass
SIZE: 21x17x34cm
MATERIAL COMPOSITION: Plastic/Fabric/Wire/Glass
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Designed & Handcrafted In Melbourne.