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Sachi Explorer Insulated Lunch Bag - Black - ZOES Kitchen
Sachi Explorer Insulated Lunch Bag - Black - ZOES Kitchen

Sachi Explorer Insulated Lunch Bag - Black

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The "Explorer" Insulated Lunch Bag by Sachi is durable, rugged and leak-proof, perfect for transporting warm or cold food or drinks for any kind of adventure, from a picnic, to a hike, a sporting event or for school lunches or work.
The insulated bag's design is suitable for a range of activities, featuring strong zips, a convenient pouch and pocket, and a sturdy handle.

The bag employs insulation technology for which Sachi is known. To optimise this insulation for cold foods, use an ice pack or ice substitute, which will function better than ice cubes, while minimising condensation or dampness. If using ice cubes ensure they are sealed into a zip-lock style plastic bag to protect other items.

Pack the bag as full as possible with items of similar temperature.
The colder the items are at the time of packing, the longer they will stay cold.
Place ice packs or substitutes on top of the contents as cold air flows down.
Minimise opening the bag to keep cold air in and warm air out.

Use mild dish soap and a damp sponge to wipe both the interior and exterior fabrics. Do not use chlorine bleach. Allow to air dry.
Do not place warm or hot dishes directly from the oven into the bag to prevent damage to the insulated lining.
Do not place the bag in an oven, microwave, washing machine, dryer or dishwasher.