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T2 Tea Bag Icon Tin 25 Pack - Tummy Tea - ZOES Kitchen

T2 Tea Bag Icon Tin 25 Pack - Tummy Tea

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A little something yummy for your tummy! Here’s a wonderful minty after-dinner treat with a sumptuously smooth and sweet aftertaste that’ll linger well into the evening.

Bright and smooth peppermint with lingering sweetness.
The limited edition tin doesn't just look great, it will also keep your tea fresh from first sip to last drop. Sealed fresh in a compostable plastic bag.
Great to soothe and aid in digestion.
Best brewed 3-5 minutes using freshly boiled water. Perfect on its own.
From fruits to spices, tea leaves to herb bushes, 100% of our tea is sustainably sourced. Our teabags are made from food-grade corn starch - they are compostable, too.

Ingredients: Peppermint, liquorice root, fennel, marigold petals
CONTAINS LIQUORICE. People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.