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White Magic Eco Eraser - Original

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White Magic Eraser Sponge
Introducing the Standard Eraser Sponge by White Magic, the new and highly unique cleaning sponge that revolutionizes your cleaning routine. This sponge is designed to provide exceptional cleaning power using only water, making it a chemical-free and environmentally friendly cleaning solution. With its versatile applications and ability to remove stubborn marks, it is perfect for a wide range of surfaces and areas in your home. Here are the key features of this remarkable product:

Clean with Just Water: The Standard Eraser Sponge allows you to clean effectively with just water. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and cleaning agents, and enjoy a chemical-free cleaning experience that is safe for you and your family.
Highly Unique Cleaning Sponge: This sponge is unlike any other cleaning tool on the market. Its unique composition and texture enable it to tackle stubborn marks and dirt with ease, providing a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.
Perfect for Stubborn Marks: The Standard Eraser Sponge is specially designed to clean and remove stubborn marks. Whether it’s scuff marks on walls, dirt on floors, or stains on doors, this sponge erases them effortlessly, leaving surfaces looking fresh and clean.
Chemical-Free Cleaner: This sponge eliminates the need for chemical cleaners, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. By using only water, you can effectively clean without introducing harmful chemicals into your living spaces.
Versatile Applications: The Standard Eraser Sponge can be used on any smooth and non-porous surface. From walls and floors to doors and countertops, this sponge provides a versatile cleaning solution for various areas in your home.
Erase Scuff Marks and Dirt: Say goodbye to scuff marks and dirt that tarnish the appearance of your walls, floors, and doors. With the Standard Eraser Sponge, you can easily erase these marks, restoring surfaces to their original beauty.
Erase Set-In Dirt in the Kitchen: This sponge is also perfect for tackling set-in dirt and grime in the kitchen. It effectively removes grease, food stains, and other residues from countertops, backsplashes, and appliances, leaving your kitchen surfaces clean and hygienic.
Erase Ground-In Dirt on Outdoor Furniture: Extend the cleaning power of the Standard Eraser Sponge to your outdoor furniture. It works wonders in erasing ground-in dirt and stains, revitalizing the look of your patio or garden furniture.
In conclusion, the Standard Eraser Sponge by White Magic offers a highly unique and chemical-free cleaning solution for your home. With its ability to clean with just water, versatility on various surfaces, and effectiveness in removing stubborn marks and dirt, it is an essential tool for your cleaning arsenal.

Size : 11 x 7 x 4cm

Where to use:

Erase set-in dirt around the kitchen
Break up tough bathroom soap scrum
Eraser scuff marks and dirt from walls, floor and doors
Erase ground-in dirt on outdoor furniture